Welcome to Shenzhen Chanson Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd!  Specialized Manufacturer of Smart Automatic Folding Electric Scooters !!!

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Shenzhen Chanson Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd is located in"China creators base"-Shenzhen. Founded in 2016, Chanson is an manufacturer focusing on R&D and producing Innovative Smart Automatic Folding Electric Scooters. our factory have established the integrated departments of R & D, design, production, service, and sales, always dedicated to providing better products and services solutions for brands in short-distance transportation industry. At present the company has successfully designed and developed 7 exclusive patents featuring new product: the world's first one button automatic intelligent folding electric scooter AK-1 Chanson.

With a desire to create a "perfect" short-distance travelling scooter, a group engaged in near 20 years experience of designers in the scooters, bicycles, electric vehicles field have co-founded this company the named brand “CHANSON”which means "innovate unlimitedly, dare to go first".

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